Tips For Dealing Roulette

Roulette Dealer Tips

Outside of learning the different types of bets offered and the payouts for each one, there are a few other things that a dealer should know about. Most of all, is the easiest way to calculate the totals that each winner is entitled to. Here is a rundown of some “keys” that help out.

Straight up bets: A straight up bet pays 35-1. If you multiply 35 by 2, you end up with 70. If you take the zero away, you have 7. Seven is much easier to multiply than 35. If you have an even number of straight ups, just cut the bet in half, multiply by 7 and add a zero. Done and done.

Here’s an example: if you have a bet of six straight up, you can cut that in half to three. 3 times 7 is 21. Adding a zero gives you 210. Even for a doofus that’s doable.

Here’s an easy one if someone has bet an equal even amount on splits and straight ups (more common than you’d think):

Let’s say the person has six straight up, and six splits. Divide the straight up bet in half (3), and add the bets together (12). The total payout is 312. See how this works? There are plenty of other “keys” that will help the game go faster. See which ones work for you.

There are also other rules to enforce, such as properly calling when the players can no longer place bets. This is typically when the ball is down to its last three revolutions around the wheel. Many roulette “teams” wait until this time (when they can have an idea where the ball will land) and then pound the layout with a ton of bets within an instant. It is imperative that you stop the bets before accurate prediction is available for them. If not, your casino could take an absolute financial beating from those who are experienced at working a roulette table.
After all of that, there is one tip a roulette dealer must know above all. It makes your day go by much faster, and is great for the morale of both staff and other players: If a cute girl with a low-cut top on is playing at your table, always always ALWAYS……leave her winnings a little further away from her when you push her the chips than you would any other player. Your co-workers, other players, and hell, probably even surveillance will all thank you.