Live Dealer Blackjack

Live Dealer BlackjackBlackjack has been a popular offering of online casinos for many years…

However, in comparison to a live game, liver dealer blackjack can seem a little cold. Some players will have a certain level of mistrust in the virtual game, questioning the randomness of the cards when the dealer hits the right card. Although most online casinos are rigorously checked and there is no issue with integrity at all.

Below, you will find all important information about live dealer blackjack and more so read on!

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Live Dealer Casinos

At a live dealer casino, you will play blackjack exactly as you would at a brick and mortar casino

You will have a live stream of the table, the dealer, and the cards. The only virtual part of the game is the betting area, but the outcome rests on the results of the live cards. The majority of sites feature attractive female dealers in their twenties to make the game more enticing and this is a strategy that seems to work as the live dealer casinos continue to grow in popularity.


Blackjack Live – How Does It Work?

In the majority of cases, you’ll find that live dealer blackjack is streamed from one of the studios set up by a dedicated live dealer supplier. Companies such as Evolution Gaming, PlayTech, MicroGaming, Visionary iGaming and Global Gaming Labs all host games from their own studios.

These companies will then offer their services to online casinos who will sign up as licensees. The online casinos can choose whether to use the more general tables or also sign up for a more dedicated service with extra branding at the tables or dealers suited to a certain region.

Blackjack Online

Blackjack is a game where up to 7 players will sit around a table and the dealer will give each of them cards however this means that only a certain number of players can play at any one time. For online gambling, this is not ideal, as casinos will in some cases want many more players playing.

This has led to the live dealer companies developing their own variations of the game that will in some cases allow many more players to participate at one time. Here is an explanation of the game types you’ll find in live dealer casinos. Waiting for others to act in the multi-player games also slows things down compared to the purely virtual blackjack.

Live Dealer Blackjack – Type of Games

The advancement in technology has allowed online casinos to bring virtual blackjack to a larger number of players around the world as well as offer a wider variety of the game itself. We have picked the most common type of blackjack played with a live dealer and written a short description so you can familiarize yourself and give it a try next time you play live dealer blackjack.

Standard Blackjack

Standard BlackjackThis is exactly the same game as you would play at blackjack table at bricks and mortar casino

You’ll only be able to play if there is a vacant seat at the table. When playing this form of virtual blackjack you’ll have to wait for all of the other players to act before you’ll be asked to act yourself. You’ll have all of the standard Blackjack decisions to make, including hit, stand, split or double. Because this game is limited in numbers, you’ll find in general that only higher stakes tables have this offering.

Shared Blackjack (One-to-many)

This version of the game allows many players to play the hands at once

Before the hands are dealt you’ll be able to choose to bet on one or more of the hands. For example, if three hands were dealt you’d bet on one, two or three hands. The game will proceed as normal; however, any decisions to be made are made by the dealer, using the optimum blackjack strategy. You’ll be paid out on the hands that win, and lose on the others – just like standard blackjack.

Standard/Shared Hybrid Blackjack

A popular form of online blackjack is actually a combination of the above two games

You’ll be able to bet on one or more hands like in the shared game. However, in this version of the game, you’ll still make decisions. This might lead to you deciding to stand, but other players choosing to hit. Another card will be dealt at the table, though this card will only count for the players deciding to hit, your total having chosen to stand not being affected by the final card (whether it improves the hand or busts).

In this game (and the shared game) you might find that a wide variety of stakes are being placed on the same cards. For example, one player might be playing the hand for a dollar, another playing the same hand for $1,000.

Live Dealer Blackjack Online – Table Limits

The individual casinos will set the table limits for their players and some casinos offering higher stakes than others. Overall, due to lower overhead, the majority of online casinos offers lower limits to play with a live dealer as compared to brick and mortar casino. However, if you are looking to play for high stakes you will not be disappointed as many of them do offer tables with high limits.

Online Live Dealer Blackjack – Bonuses

The vast majority of online casinos now offer bonuses, especially for players when they first sign up – these bonuses are usually based upon a percentage of your deposit. The bonuses will normally be subject to a play through requirement, meaning you’ll have to play through the total amount of the deposit and the bonus a number of times before the bonus is cleared.

Best Live Dealer Blackjack

Best Live Dealer BlackjackIf you are curious about live dealer blackjack, we at recommend visiting an excellent Live Dealer Blackjack page for the latest information about the best live dealer games and online casinos in the US and around the world.

There you will not only learn where to play live blackjack online but also various betting strategies, blackjack rule variations, house edge and everything you may need to enjoy playing this exciting game with a live dealer at an online casino.

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