Play Roulette For Free Online

Play Roulette for FreeNew technology allows online casinos to provide free games for curious or novice players, so they can practice roulette for free online. Playing free roulette online helps a player learn the table layout and the many different bets. Freeplay roulette games also provide a player with a feel for the different game variants, so you’ll learn the difference in American Roulette and European Roulette with a free tutorial.

The same online casinos which offer real money roulette allow players to use a free play interface. To play roulette for free at an online casino, all you have to do is register an account at the site with no obligation whatsoever. That means you can practice on the same software you’ll be using when you’ve learned the game and are ready to play online roulette for real money.

Once you’ve decided to play roulette for real money, all you have to do is make a deposit and you’ll be playing roulette with the exact same controls as you have been playing for free online.

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Free Online Roulette Games

These days, free play roulette is less intrusive than ever before.

You can practice free roulette online before you ever step into a real casino or make a deposit at an online casino. A lot of casino sites offer free online roulette games with no obligation. Many don’t even require you to download the casino’s software to play free roulette. No-download online and mobile casinos use Flash and HTML5 technology to play roulette games in the web browser.

                 Did you know? You can enjoy playing free roulette on many Google Play apps

Free Roulette Apps

Free roulette apps are available in the most popular mobile download stores.

Roulette AppIt allows gamers to play free roulette on various apps on smartphones. Free Android apps are available on Google Play Store for smartphone and tablet computers, while free iPhone apps and iPad downloads are available at the iTunes Apps Store. This is an option requires a download, but is free.

If you can’t find the free roulette download you want, search for “free casino apps”, which include roulette as a play option. Though most casino apps cost nothing to download, some have in-game purchases for enhancements or bonus chips. If you want to download a real money roulette app for Android or iOS, though, you’ll need to go to a mobile casino.

Game Variations for Free Roulette

Beginning players can practice free roulette online, so they understand the differences, rules, and payouts for several roulette variants.

European Roulette wheelThe best way to learn the differences between European Roulette, American Roulette, and French Roulette is to play free roulette. European Roulette or single-zero roulette has better odds, but it still costs less to learn the game while playing free roulette. American or double-zero roulette is the game that’s played at most tables in Las Vegas, though its house edge is worse from a player’s perspective.

Practice roulette is especially important if you want to learn French Roulette because it has wholly different bets with exotic-sounding French names such as voisons du zero or la partage

Strategies to Play Free Roulette?

roulette strategyThe free play version of an online casino allows players to practice roulette strategies without losing a lot of cash. Everyone has a cousin with their favorite roulette betting strategy, so you can test whether your cousin is right without wasting a bunch of chips. Most roulette betting strategies require a player to spread chips around the roulette layout, so this allows you to do so in an anonymous, private setting.

When you play roulette online for free and without time constraints, you’ll gain a better understanding of which roulette strategies work. Try out the roulette tips and tricks below during your next free casino session.

Best Strategies To Play Free Roulette Online

Combination Betting Strategy: Many roulette betting strategies involve combination betting. This allows players to either cover more numbers each spin or double-up on certain numbers, increasing the payout when you win.

Combining the 2-5-8 column with “Black” allows you to double-up on wins more often, while combining 2-5-8 with “Red” allows you to bet on more numbers each spin. Combining the 3-6-9 column with “Red” allows for 8 double-up numbers while combining 3-6-9 with “Black” helps cover more overall numbers.

Chaos Theory Strategy: Researchers Michael Small and Chi Kong Tse released a paper claiming they got an 18% advantage over the casino by predicting which half of the roulette wheel the ball ended up in 59% of the time.

They published the study, which remains unverified. Small and Chi claimed the key was finding a wheel in which the ball dropped from one side of the table. Chaos Theory does not help in online roulette, unfortunately.

Progressive Betting Strategy: Roulette players often try to vary their bet size to assure winning sessions, believing the law of averages will even out the results. Progressive bets like the Martingale System or Fibonacci System are often cited.

These tend to create many small winning sessions, but occasional huge losing sessions when bad luck strikes. Varying your bets do not change the mathematics, so do not use progressive bets thinking they will change the house edge as it is set for each game.

Practice Free Roulette – Where to Play?

The best place to practice roulette for free is in an online casino.

Online Roulette CasinosLand-based casinos have to pay croupiers and maintain a huge resort, so they do not allow visitors to play free roulette for fun that often. Playing free roulette at an online casino is better because you use the same gaming interface you’ll use when you gamble online. By sampling the various software packages, video graphics, and game variants, you’ll find the best casino for real money roulette play Based on years of experience in the community, below are our recommendations for where to play free roulette online.

Best Online Casinos to Practice Roulette for Free

The best online casinos to practice roulette for free should offer more than free play software.

They should offer free chips to play roulette for fun. That means offering a no-deposit bonus for promotional purposes — free roulette with no deposit required. Freeplay cash allows players a chance to win real money without risking your bankroll. Sites like 888casino and BetOnline offer no-deposit bonuses where you can practice roulette for free while seeing what the sites have to offer.

888 Casino – £888 No-Deposit Bonus

888 online casino888casino offers the biggest legitimate no-deposit bonus of any online casino I know. Their £888 no-deposit bonus can be used with a variety of table games and slot machine. European Roulette is one of the playable games with the £888 no-deposit bonus. No other online casinos offer as much house money to play free roulette online. 888casino is an international casino which is licensed for play in the New Jersey online gambling market in the United States.

Visit 888 Casino to take the advantage of its no-deposit bonus.

BetOnline Casino – $25 Freeplay at Live Dealer Casino

betonline casinoBetOnline Casino accepts U.S. players and offers a $25 no-download bonus at their live dealer casino. With the $25 free play cash, you’ll be able to try out live dealer roulette through BetOnline’s streaming service. Friendly and attractive live roulette croupiers spin brick-and-mortar wheels while the video streams live to your computer in real time. With the $25 no-deposit bonus, you’ll get a preview of how BetOnline’s live European Roulette.

Visit BetOnline Casino to play roulette with $25 Freeplay bonus.

Free Play Roulette Bonus

Players need to know what to look for when searching for a free play roulette bonus.

Online Casino Roulette BonusEven if the money offered is the same, every promotion is not the same. Before accepting a free roulette bonus, look at the wagering requirement and “terms and conditions” page. The wagering requirement or rollover is how many multiples of the bonus you have to wager in order to withdraw the bonus.

The contribution rate is the percentage of your roulette bets which go to match the wagering requirement — 20% is common. Some sites do not allow roulette to contribute to the rollover requirement, so you won’t make any headway when you play roulette. Look closely at the details of free play bonuses.

Free Chip Bonus to Play Roulette

When searching for no-deposit bonuses, also look for a “free chip” bonus to play roulette. These are separate from the usual deposit bonuses, usually as an add-on to the traditional rewards. A free chip bonus for roulette often shown as a virtual casino chip with a phrase like “$25 Free Chip Bonus” or “$10 Free Chip Bonus – No Deposit” on it. Because free chips often don’t have the same wagering requirement, they are the best way to practice mobile roulette or online roulette.

Free Roulette Games for Practice

Free Roulette Games for PracticeAs you can see, there are a lot of different free roulette games online. New players can play free roulette games for practice and never have to spend a dollar (or pound). Whether you use a use the free play casino software, download a free roulette app, accept a no-deposit bonus, or collect a free bonus chip, you can practice free roulette while never risking your own cash.