Play Roulette for Money

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games and roulette history is full of colorful stories.

The roulette wheel was invented by a French mathematician who wanted to create the perpetual motion machine. Instead, he made money by offering gamblers double-zero roulette on a 25-number wheel. Aristocrats played roulette in the Palace of Versailles in the last days before the French Revolution.

Play Roulette For Real Money OnlinePlaying online roulette for real money is more convenient than trips to a land-based casino. Live dealer online roulette combines the best elements of the online and land-based casino experience. When using a live casino, visitors can play online roulette for real money from the comfort and privacy of their own home. Roulette with live croupiers eliminates random number generators and video simulations, instead offering exciting roulette spins streamed live to your computer in real time.

Nowadays, you’ll find a wider range of games than ever before, with progressive jackpots, entertaining variations, and impressive live dealer casinos to go alongside the standard roulette formats. You’ll also discover that the real beauty of roulette is the thrill of watching the game when you play roulette for real money and that unbeatable feeling of joy of the ball landing in the desired slot.

Hence, to play roulette online for money is the ultimate goal of each casino player…read on

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How To Play Roulette Online For Real Money

Playing online roulette for money is easy. Read through the 5 simple steps below and you’ll know how to play roulette in a matter of minutes. Each new round of betting follows the same steps.

Step 1: Place Bets on the Layout:

Each player places received colored chips, which you place on the roulette layout according to the bet you want to make. Make multiple wagers if you wish. Spend time learning the inside and outside bets.

Step 2: Dealer Spins Roulette Ball

The croupier shoots a metal ball into the rotating wheel, which sets the ball spinning. Then the dealer announces “No More Bets’ as the ball falls further into the wheel. The numbered pocket the ball falls into is the winning number.

Step 3: Losing Bets Cleared Away

The dealer uses the stick to clear away losing bets. There are multiple ways a number wins in roulette, so this leaves a lot of chips still sitting on the table.

Step 4: Dealer Pays Winnings

Once the casino collects its chips, the winning bets are paid. Each player receives their payout, according to the pay chart. Online roulette software automatically adds money to your account.

Step 5: New Roulette Spins Begins

The next spin happens and bets are placed again. Once you become familiar with a typical hand, make multiple bets to increase your fun. Some online casinos offer multi-spin roulette, which offers two or more spinning wheels at once.

Play Roulette for Money – In Details

Now, that you know how the steps how to bet online while playing roulette for real money. We will provide you with useful information about the type of roulette wheel you should always bet on, what roulette strategy works well, how you make a deposit and other tips that will make you seem like a pro the first time you decide to venture into the world of online roulette.

Best Roulette Wheel to Play for Real Money

European Roulette wheelNot every roulette wheel is the same when it comes time to play for money. European Roulette, also known as single-zero roulette, has a house edge of 2.70%. American Roulette or double-zero roulette has a house edge of 5.26%. If you have the option of the two when you play roulette for money online, choose the European Roulette wheel. The second zero slot adds a second way to lose every bet.

Best Roulette Strategy to Play for Money

When you play online roulette for money, it’s best to learn a bit about roulette strategy. In roulette, betting systems do not work the way they do in blackjack or video poker. A blogger might be selling the so-called best roulette strategy ever, but all bets in roulette have the same house edge, so don’t pay for roulette betting methods. The best roulette strategy to win big is to bet inside bets, hope you get lucky and use a money management trick called the “win goal” to end the session while you still have your winnings.

Best Roulette Bets to Play for Real Money

The best roulette bet combination is one which provides winning spins most often.

Roulette Strategy That WorksOutside bets make the best combination bets, because which cover lots of numbers. Combine the 2-5-8 column bet with red even-money bet and it creates a better chance of hitting a winning number because the 2-5-9 column has 8 black numbers. The 3-6-9 column bet with black does the same thing because the 3-6-9 column has 8 red numbers. If you want the chance of doubling your win, then switch the colors on those two column bets.

The best bets when playing for real money should incorporate money management techniques, so you limit losing sessions and lock in winnings when you get lucky.

Online Casino Deposit Options

Players these days have a lot of online casino deposit options.

PayPal Casino DepositsWith the authentication software and verification methods used by other online merchants, it is safe and easy to make payments in the Internet gambling industry. Not only do credit cards like Visa and Mastercard works, but Bitcoin is a safe and fast casino deposit method. Digital wallets like Neteller and PayPal are payment options at most online websites, so new players have the full range of deposit options when they play for real money. When a player wants to withdraw their winnings, they’ll find options like bitcoin offer instant, secure withdrawals.

Where to Play Roulette for Real Money

Once a player knows how to pay roulette, they’ll want to know where to play roulette for money. The section below offers suggestions for playing roulette for real money on land and on the Internet. Based on rules, comps, and atmosphere, I’ll discuss the best casino in Las Vegas, while offering a suggestion for roulette in Atlantic City. This section also contains the best online casinos for roulette, based upon welcome bonuses, software, and reputation.

Play Roulette for Money – Land Based Casinos

Las Vegas CasinosRoulette is one of the most popular table games in American brick-and-mortar casinos. Searching for the best casino in Las Vegas depends on how much you have to spend. When playing roulette for big money, Bellagio and Caesars Palace are good for high rollers who want to play European Roulette. MGM Grand and Aria are the best options for players with limited funds.

Each of these Las Vegas Strip casinos is known to offer single-zero roulette, while most casinos in the city offer Las Vegas-style double-zero roulette.

Land Based Casinos
Las Vegas Casino Single Zero Bet Limits Single Zero Roulette Location
Aria $25 European Roulette 24hrs a day
Bellagio $50 European Roulette Roulette in the Baccarat Room
MGM Grand $25 European Roulette Roulette in the Mansion

Play Roulette for Real Money – US Based

Americans who want to play online roulette for money should take a look at, which has a $5000 bonus and wagering requirements which allow real money roulette. Bovada Casino is a world famous online casino for US play, with a large bonus and the best RTP for Americans. Also, is the best online for US players seeking a no-deposit bonus. No-deposit bonuses allow players to try out a casino’s games with no risk because they play with house money.

Best US Based Online Roulette Casinos
US Casino Welcome Bonus Number Of Games Payout Percentage $5000 160+ 97.50%
Bovada Casino $3000 160+ 97.77%
BetOnline Casino $2500 100+ 97.33%

Play Roulette for Real Money – International

Gamblers who play roulette for money internationally have an entirely different set of online casino choices. 888 Casino is a safe option for real money players in dozens of European and Asian countries, as it’s listed on the London Stock Exchange. Betway365 Casino offers a return-to-player almost as high and is an option for those places where 888 does not operate. The best online roulette for UK residents is Betway Casino, which offers a 98.79% RTP in the United Kingdom, plus the best welcome bonus for British gamblers.

Best International Online Roulette Casinos
Int’l Casino Welcome Bonus Number Of Games Payout Percentage
888 Casino Up To $888 85+ 96.44%
Betway Casino Up To £1000 150+ 98.79%

Best Online Roulette Bonus

Did you know? A roulette bonus to play for real money offers free cash to the player as a reward for either signing up, depositing money or continued loyalty

Online Casino Roulette BonusAll bonuses lower the house edge, so you should accept these deals anytime they’re offered. A roulette sign-up bonus is freeplay money given for registering at the site. This online casino (real money) no-deposit bonus comes with no obligation but has a wagering requirement before you can withdraw the cash. Casinos offer deposit bonuses when a player funds their account, while a reload bonus is given to continuing players who make further deposits.

Whatever type of promotion offered, the best online roulette bonus has realistic terms and conditions, a match rate of 100% or better, and a good wagering requirement.

Online Roulette Bonus Requirements

Online roulette bonus requirements are benchmarks you must achieve before withdrawing bonus money. Read a casino’s “Terms of Use” page to learn the requirements before accepting a roulette sign up bonus, because the fine print is often more complicated than the sales print. These terms stipulations are called various terms throughout the gambling industry, so you might find them referred to as a wagering requirement, rollover, or playthrough requirement.

Play Roulette for Money FAQ

Online Roulette FAQHere we included the most common questions we hear often from new players when they are starting to play online roulette for real money. More experienced players may find these also informative as things do change often with the constant improvements in the online roulette technology. For more questions see our online roulette faq page.

What do I need to play online roulette for real money?

To play roulette online for real money, you’ll need an Internet-ready computer or smartphone and a Wi-Fi connection. Online roulette players need a desktop computer, laptop notebook, Android smartphone or tablet computer, iPad, or iPhone. Online casinos design software to support Microsoft Windows computers, but no-download games using Flash or HTML5 allow for Apple or Linux compatibility, too. Mobile casinos offer roulette using an Android or IOS app.

How do I find a good online roulette table?

Finding a good online roulette table involving matching your expectations with the right online casino. Game selection, software, and deposit bonuses are factors you should consider when deciding to play roulette for money online. Many real money online roulette players prefer live dealer roulette. If you fall into that category, you’ll need to find a live dealer casino.

What is French roulette?

French Roulette divides the wheel into different sections, offering alternative bets you won’t see in European or American Roulette. These wagers have French names, such as orphelins (orphans), voisons du zero (neighbors of zero), or tiers (thirds). French Roulette is preferred by high rollers because they can make twelve bets-in-one on a single number: the full/maximum bet.

How do I know that online roulette is honest?

The Internet is about word of mouth, so casinos that don’t pay out get a bad reputation quickly. Licensed online roulette casinos have the legal right to provide games with a house edge. Legit casino sites have no reason to cheat because they already have an edge. The risk of getting caught is losing customers and getting investigated, while the reward is minimal.

Is there software that helps you determine the best roulette bets to make?

Except for one wager in American Roulette, all the roulette bets have the same house edge. No reason exists to calculate the best roulette bet. Anyone trying to sell roulette software to help determine the next bet is a con man.

What is the difference in an inside and outside bet in roulette?

An inside bet is one placed inside the number box on the roulette layout, so it is a bet placed on one number or a small set of numbers. Inside bets, therefore, pay out more money, but hit less often. Outside bets are those outside the number box on 12-number or 18-number bets, so you get paid less, but win more often. The house edge is the same in both cases.