No Download Roulette

no download roulette

These days you have a lot of options when you’re looking for a regular online Roulette game. With so many different casinos vying for a piece of your action, you can easily shop around to see which casino offers the best features for your demands. One of the factors we like to consider when choosing a casino to play on is whether the site offers a no-download option or not.

If you’ve gambled online before, you are probably familiar with the tedious process of downloading and installing a client application before you are able to hit the tables. While there are advantages to offering a downloadable client, this method also tethers you to a specific computer and you may often find yourself in situations where you are not able to install software on a PC at all. This is why we prefer playing on casinos that have a no-download web-based client option.

Bovada No Download Roulette

Bovada/Bodog Casino offers a “No Download” option that is great for Mac users and players on public computers.

The players that will find this feature the most convenient is people who own Mac computers and people who operate using a Linux system. Another great advantage is for gamblers who are on the road and use public computers. Since, most public computers do not allow you to download and install software; using a Flash based no download casino software is a fantastic option.

It sounds fancy but what this really means is the casino uses either a Flash or Java application to allow you to play directly on the web site. For example, one of our favorite casinos to play Roulette on is Bovada – because it offers an experience as rich and secure as any downloadable client we’ve ever used — only significantly faster and more accessible.

To start a session, we simply visit the web site, log on to our account, then select the type of Roulette game we want to play and we’re instantly in action. Since everything runs within the web browser we can play from any computer we happen to be using at the moment without having to worry about messy client download and installations.

It’s a small thing to consider but with so much competition on the market these days, it’s the little things like this that should contribute towards choosing an online casino for you to call home. If you tend to constantly be on the move and prefer convenience and speed, making sure the casino you play on has a no-download option should be on the top of your list.