Facebook Roulette

Facebook RoulettePlaying Facebook Roulette gives you a completely different experience than you would find when playing roulette at a live or an online casino.

Firstly, playing the game on Facebook adds a social element to the game, where you’ll be able to chat with friends or other people you meet whilst playing, and secondly, the majority of games are for fun and not for money.

Have you given Facebook Roulette a try? Keep reading to find out more about how it works and the different types of roulette games available on Facebook.

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Playing Roulette on Facebook

Facebook Roulette GamesTo find a roulette variation of Facebook, you can simply type in “roulette” into the Facebook search page. Then, click on “find all apps named roulette” in the search results.

The top result in the search box will usually be ‘people roulette’. However, this is a chat app which randomly connects you to another user via your webcams. It has nothing to do with the game of roulette whatsoever.

Below this, you’ll find a selection of roulette games you’ll be able to play on Facebook. Having found the title you’d like to try, just click on ‘play now’ to try the game of your choice.

Facebook Roulette Games

Roulette Arena

Facebook Roulette ArenaThis game is offered by Lazyland software. This is a fun game where you’ll progress through levels by taking on and beating other players. You’ll have a certain amount of free chips to start with, and given more on a daily basis. If you lose these you’ll be able to buy extra chips to re-enter the game.

You’ll also be eligible to be featured on the daily leaderboard. This way you can win trophies or gain entry into the Hall of Fame. The roulette play is pretty basic with a 2D wheel spinning after you have placed all of your bets. This is not a game for the roulette purist, rather for a fun five minutes. It might be the game for you.


Facebook - RouletteThis is another game where you’ll receive free chips and gain extras for coming back the next day. You’ll take these free chips to a table where you’ll join a selection of other players and all of the standard roulette betting is available, as well as racetrack bets.

This game features a 3D wheel in the top left-hand corner of the screen and a chat box to the right of the betting layout. You’ll be able to give chips to other players in the game, as well as donate chips to your friends who you can invite into the game.

You’ll also use your chips to purchase such things as avatars and emoticons, and you’ll be able to replenish these chips by buying extra using either PayPal or a credit card when you run out.

Roulette Tournaments

Facebook Roulette TournamentsOnce again, this is another game where you’ll be given free chips on a daily basis. You’ll use these chips to play in roulette tournaments against other players.

There is only standard betting available at these tables (no racetrack option) and the wheel is very small, meaning you won’t be able to follow your particular number. Having won a tournament you’ll be awarded a virtual trophy. If you run out of chips you’ll be able to replenish them via PayPal.

Roulette Empires

This is essentially the same game as the ‘Roulette’ game above, the key difference being a puzzle element to the game where you’ll progress when earning pieces of a puzzle. You’ll earn these pieces for different accomplishments in the game.

Real Money Facebook Roulette

Currently, you’ll not find any real money roulette games on Facebook, but this might happen at some time in the near future. Popular gaming company Zynga who operate many casino Facebook games recently made the move into real money gambling, especially for their poker arm, so it would seem that this company might be the first to enter real money Facebook roulette.

How Does Facebook Roulette Work?

You’ll notice that all of the roulette games featured on Facebook have a similar concept.

  1. You join the game
  2. Get a given number of free chips – you’ll use these to enter tournaments or play
  3. You’ll continue until you run out – at which point you can replenish them using real cash

Facebook Roulette – Advantages

Facebook LikeThese games can be fun. This is especially true if you are the competitive type. The kind of person who will want to outdo, either your friends or some random stranger from another part of the world.

Another reason to play these games is to gain a feel for online roulette before making the move to a real money casino. However, the experience is somewhat different in these games, as players will routinely be splashing large denomination chips around.

Facebook Roulette – Disadvantages

The obvious downside to these Facebook games is that to carry on playing after running out of chips, it will cost you money. However, you will not have the opportunity of actually winning money. Whereas in an online casino, you will have obvious opportunities to walk away from the table with more money than with what you actually started.