Roulette Myths

As with anything involving gambling, there are many myths that surround the game of roulette. Below, you will find myths such as hot roulette numbers or lucky roulette numbers. We will also explain some of the psychology behind these roulette myths so you will realize that all of them are not supported by math but are a creation of superstitious roulette players.

Remember: Every spin of roulette has the EXACT same odds as the spin before it

It is safe to say that the ball will never land on a red number every single time but you may have instances where it does happen few times in the row but that is just a pure coincidence. You may use mathematics to find the probability of this happening but we wouldn’t recommend wasting your time.

The best way to sum up the logic behind these facts is by saying that the roulette ball has no memory.

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Hot And Cold Numbers In Roulette

Hot And Cold Numbers In RouletteHowever, this fact does not stop players from insisting on betting on cold numbers which haven’t hit for a while or hot numbers which have accidentally happen few times in the row. The thought process behind this is that since this number hasn’t hit lately. The cold number is more likely to hit on future spins or if the number has been hit few times in the row the hot roulette wheel has a memory and will pick the hot number again.

This, of course, is a fallacy, as it could be a very long time before these cold or hot numbers hit, just as they could conceivably hit 10 of the next 30 spins. You could be dead broke long before any of these cold or hot numbers finally get around to being the winning number. Even the best bankroll management technique will not save you from losing all your money if you believe in this roulette myth.

Roulette Myths – Gambling Psychology

Players who are winning tend to be in a better frame of mind than those players who are losing

Gambling PsychologyLosing players have a tendency to already feel defeated, so they are more prone to make foolish bets. They have already accepted the loss, and it’s somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Generally, the winning players are in a good mood and their cheerfulness may help keep their betting in the realm of sensibility. Therefore, psychology could play a part in short term success in gambling, however, it is a roulette myth that your state of mind can have an influence on the roulette wheel.

Lucky Roulette Numbers

A lot of the thought behind the idea of luck in roulette comes from watching players go on a “rush” or a good winning streak. This makes it easy to forget that no matter how big of a rush you can go on if you play long enough, you will lose in the end. The cold streaks will always outweigh any hot streaks you could go on.

Tip: There are no lucky roulette numbers but there is a lucky numbers betting system

Roulette Myths – All For Fun

Putting all these facts aside, remember one thing about talking about luck, betting strategies, cold and hot streaks, and “gut feelings” that it makes roulette fun. Everyone who understands roulette logic knows deep down inside that there is a house advantage to the game, but sometimes it is just good old fun to pretend that you can beat the game and ignore the mathematical probabilities. And sometimes you will. Just keep your stakes when playing roulette for real money at a level where you can still have fun and enjoy yourself.

Remember: Single zero roulette has better odds and extends having fun while playing for real money

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