Why Play Roulette

Why Play Roulette OnlineIf you were to ask a random person to name a casino game, it’s a sure bet that roulette would be one of the first games mentioned. The game has a certain glamour attached to it, as well as a simplicity that makes the game accessible to all. The game has also made an almost seamless move into the online casino, meaning more players than ever are enjoying roulette online while playing for real money at reputable online casinos.

In this piece, I consider all of the aspects that make roulette such a favorite at the casino. Firstly, I examine the game itself, and the many options you’ll have when playing. I then make a comparison between roulette and other games at the casino. I finish with a look at what makes roulette such a special game and why you should play roulette.

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Roulette – Picking The Right Game

Roulette differs from many casino games in that you’ll be able to bet exactly how YOU want.

If you want to place an even money bet on red or black, or if you want to go for that big odds win by betting a straight or a split, the choice is yours. You could even do both. Perhaps you have a system you want to test, which requires different stakes for each spin. Once again, it’s your decision – the only restrictions you’ll have are the table limits, but apart from this, it’s completely up to you.

US vs. European Roulette WheelsAs well as having all of these options at a roulette table, you can even choose which game you want to play. You might find you have a choice of either American or European roulette – this will particularly be the case at an online casino, where you’ll usually find both. Some sites will also feature French roulette and other variations of the game such as progressive roulette and entertaining ‘mini’ games.

Roulette vs. Casino Games

One of the big advantages playing roulette has over other casino games is the transparency of the game.

Live Dealer RouletteWhen you place a bet you’ll know exactly what odds you’ll be receiving and exactly what the odds are of hitting your required number/s and known house edge. Therefore when playing at a casino, nothing is or can be hidden from you. You see the wheel, you see the ball and you see the result. You’ll have the same experience playing online, as the random number generators are stringently tested at the vast majority of sites, meaning the games offer exactly the same uncertainty as to the live games.

You’ll also be able to play at a live dealer casino online if you are looking for almost life-like experience.

Casino Table Games

Let’s consider a game like slots.

Online Casino SlotsWhen you’re playing these, you won’t know the odds of hitting a particular line or prize. In fact, you won’t know how the machine will decide when to stop, this being somewhat hidden to the player. The only information you’ll be able to find out about slots is how much they payout in percentage terms and this information is not always readily available. You’ll know all of this information when playing roulette.

Now we’ll look at Blackjack.

blackjackWhen playing this game you’re basically aiming to win an even money bet against the banker. You’ll make decisions along the way but you are still basically confined to just one bet type. At roulette, as suggested earlier, you’ll be able to go for that big odds win alongside the smaller wins. The biggest advantage this offers is that you can easily change your strategy after a winning or losing run. You might be successful betting red/black and decide to bank your winnings, just keeping a few chips aside for a lucky shot at a single number.

Conversely, you might have had a bad run betting on those long odds singles and splits, and move onto even money bets to give yourself more chance. At Blackjack, you won’t have this option.

Why Play Roulette?

The game of roulette has a certain something extra aside from all of the betting options and the transparency of the game.

It might be the crowded tables, with the great number of chips spread over the betting layout? It might be the anticipation as the ball spins around the wheel, as you look on with hope, expectation and not a small amount of tension? It might be the contrast between the disappointment you feel when the ball misses your number/s and the fist-pumping elation you feel when you get it right?

Whichever it is, Roulette has entertained players around the world for a great number of years and will continue to do so for a great number more. If you haven’t tried we recommend to give it a spin.

Consider Online Roulette Bonus

Did you know? A roulette bonus to play for real money offers new players an opportunity to bet on roulette without committing a substantial amount of money

Online Casino Roulette BonusAll bonuses lower the house edge, so you should accept these deals anytime they’re offered. A roulette sign-up bonus is freeplay money given for registering at the site. This online casino (real money) no-deposit bonus comes with no obligation but has a wagering requirement before you can withdraw the cash. Casinos offer deposit bonuses when a player funds their account, while a reload bonus is given to continuing players who make further deposits.

Whatever type of promotion offered, the best online roulette bonus has realistic terms and conditions, a match rate of 100% or better, and a good wagering requirement.

Online Roulette Bonus Requirements

Online roulette bonus requirements are benchmarks you must achieve before withdrawing bonus money. Read a casino’s “Terms of Use” page to learn the requirements before accepting a roulette sign up bonus, because the fine print is often more complicated than the sales print. These terms stipulations are called various terms throughout the gambling industry, so you might find them referred to as a wagering requirement, rollover, or playthrough requirement.

Best Online Roulette Casinos

Here is are two recommended online casinos for both the US players and international players who would like to play for the first time online roulette for real money at reputable casinos.

Bovada Casino – US Based Players

Bovada is the biggest online casino that caters to the US players

The only accept US players and have a range of easy deposit methods. The mobile version of the Bovada casino includes a great-looking European Roulette game. Not only will you benefit from the lower house edge of the single zero wheel, the graphics are excellent plus they offer the most generous bonuses around.

Check them out for yourself at bovada.lv

Betway Casino – International Players

Betway is a gambling giant accepting players from all around the globe

They run the famous PlayTech software, which has been successfully adapted to play roulette online. You’ll have a great choice of roulette games there. The live games will stream onto your mobile device. You can find regular European or double zero roulette variations at Betway casino.

Check out the excellent betway.com