Wire Transfer Casino Deposits

Wire Transfer Casino DepositsTransferring money to a casino account can be tricky sometimes, especially for customers in the US. This is because of the UIGEA legislation passed in 2006 which made funding gambling sites from financial institutions a legally grey area thou not illegal.

Fortunately, online casinos offer a good variety of deposit options to make this situation somewhat easier. One of the deposit options is through a bank wire transfer.

Wire transfers are a popular way of depositing funds to a casino account. A wire transfer is a general term that covers many methods of moving money, however when it comes to casino deposits, these can be made through either banks or a number of companies – the two most popular being the Western Union and MoneyGram. Bank wire transfers have an advantage in that you’ll be able to move large sums, as there is no upper limit to the amount you can send to your online casino account.

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Bank Wire Transfers

Many casino sites will offer a direct bank to bank wire transfer, however, you should always check the site first to ensure this deposit method is actually available.

Wire Transfers To CasinoWhen making a bank wire transfer you’ll first have to contact the customer services team at the casino to find out their banking details. You’ll then contact your bank and request a wire transfer, giving them the details from the casino and of course the amount you’d like to deposit. You have to be very careful in giving the bank precise details, as any errors can delay the process.

Generally, a bank wire can take three to five days to clear – the casino will contact you when the money is cleared and you’ll be ready to play at the casino for real money.

Western Union Wire Transfer

Western Union Casino DepositTo make a wire transfer through Western Union, you’ll first have to contact the customer services team at the casino, who will give you all the details you need. Then you’ll either have to visit one of the many agents throughout the country to make the transfer online.

Having made the transfer, you’ll inform the casino of the Money Transfer Control Number, and have received the transfer, the casino will fund your account.

MoneyGram Wire Transfer

MoneyGram Casino DepositMoneyGram wire transfer (also known as a rapid transfer) works in a very similar way to the Western Union wire transfer. You’ll visit the local MoneyGram store, fill out the form with the casino details, and then contact the casino so they will expect the payment.

When using either the Western Union or MoneyGram agent you’ll be able to send money either through a debit card, credit card or cash. The Western Union online service requires a card payment.

Wire Transfer Fees and Withdrawals

Generally, when making deposits using a wire transfer there will be fees involved, however, these will vary from casino to casino. Some casino sites will waive the fees if you deposit over a stated amount.

A site that offers wire transfers as a deposit method will also offer this method for withdrawals. Similarly to depositing, there will generally be fees attached. Visiting the help page at a casino site will tell you all you need to know about the fees attached to different methods.

Wire Transfer Roulette Bonuses

roulette deposit bonusThe majority of online casinos offer signing up bonuses, some of them being particularly lucrative. When depositing via a wire transfer you’ll be eligible to all of these bonuses. On occasions, a casino site might offer additional bonuses based on the specific payment type check the terms and conditions of the site to see if this applies to your payment type.

Advantages Of Wire Transfer

When making this kind of transfer, you’ll not have to supply a casino site with your credit or debit card details, meaning these details will not be sitting in cyberspace. For users who don’t have access to a card, having the ability to make a deposit with cash is a great additional option.  Wire transfers are available at a great many casino sites, so using this method will not limit your options as much as some payment types which may not be available at the online casino of your choice.

Alternative Deposit Options

If your wire transfer does get declined, or you would prefer not to use the major transfer companies, there are several alternatives still available to US players.

Visa Card Online Casino DepositThe big 3 credit card brands are accepted by different casinos. Visa is the most commonly accepted, with MasterCard and Amex deposits also possible. You can also try a pre-paid Visa card, as long as you buy a brand which works with international purchases.

Best Online Casinos Accepting Wire Transfers

There are online casinos that offer the opportunity to play roulette for real money using wire transfers.

We have few of the best bank wire compatible betting sites reviewed by the members of BestRoulette.net. Here are the online casinos that are worth recommending not only for their ability to accept deposits via wire transfer but with their overall safety, quality, and customer service.

BetOnline – US Based Players

betonline casinoBetOnline is one of the biggest online casinos in the world

They have easy deposits, generous roulette bonus and a great selection of single zero roulette games to play for real money online.

Check out BetOnline to play live dealer roulette online

Betway Casino – International Players

Betway is another well recognized around the world online casino

Betway offers a large variety of roulette games and it is very popular among players who use wire transfer for their casino deposits.

Check out our Betway to play live dealer roulette online